Tourism Zamora


The full culinary experience in Zamora can be appreciated in the wide range of delectable tapas that are available all over town. The regional wines from Toro, Tierra de Vino, Arribes del Duero and Valles de Benavente obviously accompany these delicious morsels best.
In any and every neighborhood of Zamora we encounter establishments of high quality and with a wide variety of tapas to refresh ourselves after a long walk around town. It would be very difficult to single out any one particular dish or place as being the most emblematic of the city and we encourage you to experiment. However, there are a few areas with a higher concentration of tapa bars:
- The Main Square, Herreros street and surroundings
- Santa Clara street and surroundings
- Alfonso de Castro street and surroundings, popularly known as “Los Lobos” (the wolves)
We cannot fail to mention other places further away from the historic downtown but highly regarded by locals and visitors alike: Tres Cruces street and surroundings; near the University Campus and the Marina Park area, among others.